The 10 most powerful change management tools for a changing world.

The most commonly held formula for managing change is broken. Over 70% of all organizational change efforts and personal change efforts (like dieting) fail. When we’re unable to act with agility, speed, and unity because we’ve gotten the “change equation” wrong—often from the outset of problem framing—opportunities are missed and revenue lost.

After three decades of research and thousands of interviews, it’s clear that we change best when we are strongest and most positive, not when we feel the weakest, most negative, or helpless.

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Steps in the New Change Equation Model: Making Change P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E

  • Pre-Framing: What is it that we want to create? Discover what you and your organization can gain from this positive change approach. Develop positive framing of the change.
  • Omni-Search: Create a surround sound of strengths and assets around our change agenda. Like an Omni Theatre: wrap the change agenda around the strengths.
  • Strengthen the Strengths: Savor and emphasize positive experience to make strengths more potent. Ritualize the stories that amplify and elevate strengths. Create lift-off from deficit despair. Celebrate and amplify strengths through dialogue, ceremony and ritual.
  • Imagine: Release “heroic” change energy. Use the power of prospective images of the future. Listen to everyone’s vision of the future, not just what the future will be, but why the future will be.
  • Translate and Improvise: Move to prototyping. Almost every change management model includes communication for "buy-in” stage. In the New Change  Equation, translation moves us to a rapid prototyping phase using design thinking. The future becomes evident, on paper and in artifacts created in the design process. Translation includes a collaborative visual prototype that creates the opportunity for improvisation – value is rapidly improvised.
  • Valuing: Value from change is identified and reinvested with future benefit. Change happens in small increments. Articulating progress moments as they occur maintains people’s energy and motivation for the change.
  • Eclipse: Establish a new model to eclipse the old with the new - don’t change existing reality, create a new reality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Harness the ability to bring out the best in human systems–rapidly and naturally–to be able to rally people in change-resistant institutions to realize new and better futures.
  • Realize that your ability and skill to mobilize change in your organization is decisive and is core to individual, managerial and organizational success.
  • Debunk a common explanation for change failure–that people resist change.
  • Learn to cultivate the appreciative mindset and apply the ten most powerful change management tools we've been able to codify across more than 3,000 interviews with industry leading stars from 57 different countries.
  • Develop a coherent P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E change platform and roadmap to excel.

Who Should Attend

Individuals: This course is designed for change leaders who need a recovery of confidence in their change leadership mandates. The course is for those who need a new model of change management that is widely shared, strengths-inspired and positioned right alongside a winning business strategy.

Teams: Consider participation in this course as a way to supercharge your change leadership team. Teams can choose to conduct exercises and team work together to focus on specific corporate change initiatives and tackle tough issues together by applying the New Change Equation model.

Corporate Executive Education Packages

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Registration Details

  • Attending as a team can supercharge your change initiative. Team discounts are available for teams of 3 or more participants in a course iteration. Please contact seminars-online@case.edu for information about team discounts.
  • No additional discounts are available for this program.
  • Weatherhead Executive Education Affiliate Partner can use seats for registration in The New Change Equation.
  • Payment is due upon registration and is not refundable or transferable.

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